Grade K – Fall Units Update


The fall got off to a great start with our pinwheels for peace project!  After all of the pinwheels were finished we got right into our first units, which vary for each grade level.

Kindergarten classes started with a skills assessment drawing, which helps me learn where all of my new students are with their coloring, cutting, gluing, and drawing. I gave them a paper with a collection of shapes, that when cut out and put together, make a person.  See below for some finished examples and in-progress photographs!

Assessment_0039 Assessment_0040 Assessment9 Assessment10

The next unit in kindergarten was an intro to two of the elements of art.  We first focused on line, doing a line match on the smartboard, and a practice drawing.  Kindergarteners practiced drawing lines like horizontal, vertical, jagged, dotted, thick, and curvy.

On day two, we learned about the element of art called shape. Lines can be used to draw shapes. The lines kindergarten students drew the week before turned into shapes where they touched and crossed over one another.

These found shapes were colored in using a variety of materials. Students explored markers, crayons, and oil pastels.

LineandShape11 LineandShape12 LineandShape13

Our most recent unit explored how shapes can be used to create the details of our drawing.  Using the book Ship Shapes as inspiration, students created a seascape oil pastel drawing. They noticed and used triangles, squares, rectangles, semi-circles, and ovals to create the buildings, and animals in their seascape. To finish their work kindergarteners using medium and dark blue to paint in the sky and water.  This technique is called oil pastel resist.

The page from the book Ship Shapes that inspired our own work

ShipShapes4 ShipShapes3 ShipShapes2


Still Life Oil Pastel Drawings – Grade 4


Fourth grade students have blown me away with their observation drawing skills this year. I am so impressed. I have taught a still life lesson with fourth grade every year for the last ten years. This year, I was inspired to mix it up a bit, and did a google search for elementary art still life ideas (I think!). I ended up finding a number of blog posts about using baby oil and q-tips to blend oil pastels. This inspired me to shelve my mixed media still life lesson, and proceed with this new technique.  Boy, am I happy I did that, and I think the fourth graders are as well!  Besides learning this new technique, students in art also learned about how to show space or depth in their work.  They learned about overlapping, placement on page, and relative size. Students are sharing their work via our online gallery at Artsonia.  Be sure to check out the work below, and the work on Artsonia! 

Still Life Drawings – Grade 4

Fourth grade has been learning about drawing from observation and how to create the illusion of space by using overlapping, relative size, and placement on the page.  Currently fourth graders are working on their final drawings, using oil pastels and baby oil to blend the oil pastels.  This is a technique I just learned about, and it’s working amazingly!