Extra Art Update: Grades 1-3


This year, students in grades 1-6 are rotating through an extra class of all 3 specials.  So that means each class gets to see me for extra art for 1/3 of the year.

I’ve been doing separate extra art units, instead of one class getting far ahead of the others.

Check out below to see what’s happened so far this year in extra art, grades 1-3!

Grade 1 – Pinch Pots & Imagination Drawings

These are both units that I’ve done before in regular art, but I tried them out this year in extra art.  It’s been great, because it has spread out the 3D work a bit.

Students created pinch pots out of clay & painted them with watercolor paint.  I then asked that they create an observation drawing of their pinch pot, since we focus on the three different kinds of drawing (observation, memory, and imagination) in first grade.

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For their monster drawings our focus was imagination.  Students practiced to envision an idea before working and also explored a variety of materials with their drawings. Room 4 had time to even do an audioboom recording about their work.  Listen to all of them on AudioBoom here. You can take a peek at our finished pinch pots and imagination drawings in our Artsonia gallery.

Grade 2 – Built Environment Drawings & Paintings

Again, both of these units have been done before.  In connection with the Acton Long Ago studies that are done in the classroom we create observation drawings of Town Hall, Exchange Hall, and the Acton Memorial Library.  As inspiration for their work I share some paintings by Arthur Fuller Davis, who was the longest serving librarian for the town, but was also a painter. We looked at a few of his paintings of Acton, and shared ideas as to why it’s important that he created them. This unit then connects to an imagination drawing, where students were asked to envision their dream home or building.  These fantasy drawings were painted with watercolor paint.

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You can take a peek at our gallery on Artsonia to see the finished imagination building drawings.

Grade 3: Weavings

We’ve been creating these amazing weavings in grade 3.  Students worked on developing a pattern and following it. Room 9 students will also be learning how to make kumihimo cords. Check out their finished weaving by visiting our Artsonia gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check back next week for updates as to what has been happening in grade 4, 5, and 6!


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