Grade 6 – Mini Animation Unit – Extra Art


To wrap up the first trimester of extra art for grade 6 (room 12) I introduced students to stop motion animation.  Later in the year, in regular art, they will animate wire sculptures they make. Having this time to teach them how to use the ipads and app to animate has been great.

It’s also been an important lesson in collaboration.  I think many tables have learned that you have to listen to what the other people at your table want to do, and you have to be respectful and considerate to be successful. It was a bonus to be able to figure these things out during this unit and not during the ‘final’ animation unit.

To develop this mini animation unit, I used the amazing resources created by the Animation Chefs. They are a group of brothers, and their dad (who is an animator), who started making tutorial videos teaching kids how to animate.  On their website they have shared ‘secret recipes’ that break down how to make someone blink, or blur, or even how to make  your character look like they are talking.  Check out my post on my art ed blog for more information about how I teach stop motion animation, and the resources I have gathered.

Check back after the Thanksgiving break for the videos that were created during this mini animation unit!



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