Grade 2 – Built Environment – Extra Art


Room 8 is just about to finish up their trimester of extra art.  I’m sad it’s coming to an end, but we’ve done a lot of great things that I’m excited to share with you.  As you can see above in the featured image, students first learned about why artists might draw the built environment (to share with future generations, and to learn more about it themselves).  Students explored images of buildings on the ipads, noting the different shapes that are used.  They learned it’s mostly rectangles, which when broken down to the simples shapes, aren’t that difficult to draw! We then spent a few art periods drawing a variety of buildings that are here in Acton, MA.  This was great observation practice, and a nice connection to our printmaking unit in regular art.

The final step of this project was creating our own imaginative buildings. Students were asked to envision what they wanted their building to look like before starting, and could chose between drawing it from the outside, or drawing a cross-section of the building (think doll house).  These drawings were painted with water color paints.  Check out our online gallery on Artsonia to see all of them.  And check back later this week to see the extension activity we did on the iPads.  Buildings Buildings_0006


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