Grade 5 – Sketchbook Cover Designs – Inspired by Op Art


Students in 5th grade start using sketchbooks in art class.  These sketchbooks are used for 5th & 6th grade.  They come pretty boring looking, so the first unit of the year focuses on creating a cover design that includes their name.

To begin the unit, students explored the art genre of OP Art, which started in the 1960’s.  Op Artists typically create images that look as if they are 3-D.  This is where the technique of one point perspective was really important to understand, so students could accurately create letters that looked as if they were going away in the distance.

After drawing a name design that create the illusion of space, students were asked to color it in a way that expresses something about themselves.  It might be a simple as using their favorite colors or patterns, or more detailed, like drawing favorite characters, or using a nickname for the design.

Check out the students hard at work, and be sure to click through and look at our Artsonia gallery.

2014-10-24_0001 2014-10-24_0002


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