Grade 4 – Prepping & Practicing: Still Life Drawing


Fourth graders have been preparing for their final still life drawing for a number of weeks now.  They’ve explored how to draw 3-D objects using iPads & the app Explain Everything, which allowed them to really understand how perspective distorts objects.

After that, a number of classes were spent practicing careful drawing from observation.  One word that was shared for this type of looking was ‘examine’.  It’s perfectly explains what they are doing.  In order to create the illusion of space, students learned how to draw the objects so they overlapped on another, as well as placing the objects closest closer to the bottom of the page.  That technique is known as ‘placement on the page’.

As students start to finish up they will color their work with oil pastels, learning how to blend with oil pastels.

Check out the students working below, and make sure to check out the Artsonia gallery soon.  As students finish up, they will upload their work using one of our class iPads.



Practicing observation drawing skills


Some practice drawings – Only in pencil


Final still life drawing with 2 still life’s set up in art.


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