Extra Art?! & Grade 1 – Clay Exploration


This year, students in grades 1-6 will have an extra class of art for 1/3 of the year.  The other 2/3’s they will be in either music or physical education.  After being in school a month I can say it’s a bit more hectic on my end, but it’s been great having this extra time with students. Really, really great.

First graders in room 3 have been working with clay in extra art, while exploring some of the Studio Habits of Mind, like stretch & explore; engage & persist and develop craft.

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They’ve spent a day exploring all the things they could do to clay with the most important tool of all, their hands! As a class we brainstormed a huge list of action words, which included roll, poke, pinch.  On day 2, those skills were put to use making pinch pots, of all shapes and sizes.  After all this practicing, this week room 3 students made their pinch pots out of air dry clay.  To wrap up this unit, students will be painting their work, along with creating an observation drawing of it.


Room 3’s practice pinch pots


Room 3’s practice pinch pots


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