Summer Art Opportunities w/ Miss Hayes


Like previous years, I will be offering a number of art related classes through Acton Community Ed via their Escapades program. These are week long classes that run either in the am or pm for 3 hours (9-12pm or 1-4pm).  If you register your child for an am & pm class, you can also sign your child up for lunch bunch, which means they will be cared for from 9-4pm for the entire week!

Check out below to see the classes I will be offering, and be sure to click through to register if you are interested.  Classes with low enrollment will be cancelled about a week before they run, so it’s important to register if you are interested!

Passport Around the World – June 30 – July 3 – 9am – 12pm – For students entering grades 1 and 2 (though exceptions can be made)

Learn all about the many different people, animals, and places on planet Earth.  Students will be provided with a passport for their travels and get a stamp after each country we visit!  Using stories and artwork, students will learn about and explore many different countries.  As a group we will learn about how these countries are different from our own, and how they are the same.  It is suggested that students bring water and a snack, as we will take a break during our travels!


Design and Make Your Own Stamps and Stationary – July 7 – 11 – 9am – 12pm – For students entering grades 4 through 8 (though exceptions can be made)

Learn about and explore a variety of printmaking techniques to create beautiful rubber stamps.  You will learn some of the history of printmaking while working in this interesting medium.  Specifically, you will learn about linoleum printing and how it differs from other types of printmaking.  Using these new skills, you will be able to create your own stamps.

Jewelry Design – July 7 – 11 – 1pm – 4pm – For students entering grades 4 through 8 (though exceptions can be made)

If jewelry is something that you love, this is the class for you!  Learn a variety of jewelry making techniques to make your very own unique jewelry.  You will use paper, clay, plastic, wire, and other materials to make your own jewelry components.  These components will then be used to make a variety of jewelry.  Express your individual style with handmade jewelry.


Yarn Play – July 14 -18 – 9am – 12pm – For students entering grades 4 through 7 (though exceptions can be made)

Whether you know how to knit or crochet, or you are brand new to these crafts, this is the class for you! If you are a new student, you will choose between either knitting or crocheting. Using your preferred fiber technique, you will learn to make a variety of projects. Depending on how quickly you pick it up, this could include scarves, bags, and hats. If you already know how to knit or crochet, come to learn more advanced techniques, like learning how to read and follow patterns, and how to change colors in your work. Since the class size is small, you will be able to receive individual attention and help with the projects you have chosen.  This will help you to master either technique.

Functional Art – July 14 -18 – 1pm – 4pm – For students entering grades 4 through 8 (though exceptions can be made)

Enjoy exploring a variety of arts and crafts during this functional art class.   Functional art means that it is not only something that is pleasing to look at but it serves a purpose.  Some examples of functional art are handmade books and ceramics.  Using a variety of materials and techniques, you will craft decorative books, tie-dye t-shirts, weave containers, create your own jewelry, and many other things.


Painting From Observation – July 21 – 25 – 9am – 12pm 

Practice your painting skills with the material of your choice in this painting from observation class.  You will choose from a variety of objects in class for your subject matter.  You will also be given the opportunity to bring in special items from home to use as inspiration.  You will learn about and use color theory, along with other tips and tricks for painting with acrylic paint.  Students will also have the chance to paint on canvas, like many painting Masters before them!

Stop Motion Animation – July 21 – 25 – 1pm – 4pm – For students entering grades 5 through 9 (though exceptions can be made)

Learn the history and basics of stop-motion animation and then learn what you need to know to create your own stop-motion animation.  Students will create or source all the components for their stop-motion animations.  Using iPads and apps on the iPads students will build, record, and edit their animations, and share them on YouTube or Vimeo.


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