Grades 3 & 4 – Poetry Party Animation – iPad Collaboration


I was lucky again this year to have a schedule that allowed for this collaboration.  Each year Mrs. Buck & Mrs. Cole combine their classrooms, to put on a poetry party.  Students in grade 3 and 4 partner up, and work together to write a poem, and create a way to present that poem on stage.  Their parents are invited, and it’s a lovely party (hence the poetry party piece of it!).

Last year I was asked to help out, and I gave them some ideas for projects the students could do, AND I also helped a group of students create animations to go with their poems.  The students read their poems live on stage, while the animations were projected behind them.  I was so proud, especially with the really creative ways these students figured out how to animate things on their first try at stop motion animation!

Check out the animations below!


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