Grades 1, 2, & 3 – Zany Zoo Drawings – End of the year mini unit


For some of my classes, the end of the year means we end up with 1-2 classes left.  This can be difficult to plan for, since most units I teach are 4 classes, minimum. So this year, I introduced these classes to a drawing activity that I found from another art teacher, Julie Voigt, via her blog.  Julie shared it as a drawing idea, but I decided to turn this drawing activity into a take on the Surrealists Exquisite Corpse game as a way to introduce the idea of collaboration in art.

Check out some examples below and click through the links to go to my Audioboo page to hear students share about their animals.

Room 20 Audioboo Recordings

Room 4 Audioboo Recordings

Room 10 Audioboo Recordings

Room 9 Audioboo Recordings

2014-06-10_0007 2014-06-10_0006 2014-06-10_0004





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