Taking It Further: Read Across America – Grade 1


First graders who came to art either Friday, Monday or Tuesday had a special treat.  To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday & Read Across America, we did a one day drawing activity based on the book On Beyond Zebra.

I read the book, using my ladibug document camera, which allowed for the whole class to easily see the illustrations. The book is a bit of a tongue-twister, but luckily, I’ve read it enough over the last few years.

After reading the book, we quickly talked about how Dr. Seuss created all these new creatures with his extra alphabet letters.  I demoed how students would pick one of the letters to illustrate, and everyone got to work. 

As students finished, they shared with me some facts about their creature.  I recorded them on my iPad using the Audioboo app.  To make things go quickly, I copied and pasted the title for each audioboo, instead of retyping it each time.  I also had students wait in a quiet line until it was their turn.  

Take a minute to listen to them describing their creatures!

Room 4: https://audioboom.com/playlists/1250627-read-across-america-room-4#

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