Painting Bingo – Grade 1

Room 3
First grade has finished their Kandinsky inspired shape paintings. They are so vibrant and happy looking. Before finishing up this unit, we spent a class playing ‘painting bingo’. Students were given a bingo sheet that had 24 painting terms – colors and types of brushstrokes.  When these words were called out and written on the board, in order to cross off the vocabulary word on their bingo sheet, they first had to identify it in their painting.  
Room 3
I also used painting bingo as a fun way to introduce the tertiary colors to first grade.  Every had a blast, and high-fives were given out to everyone when they got bingo.  Many children got bingo 2 or 3 times.  I think some even lost count.  

I’m still holding onto these paintings for a bit, so I can display as many of them as possible.  For now, these few snapshots of them will have to suffice. 


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