Inspired by the Fauvists – Grade 3


Third grade has started their Fauvist inspired paintings. Before starting, we spent some time looking at fauvist paintings, and learning about the artists who painted them. These painters have an interesting story regarding how they got their name, which translated from French to English means ‘wild beasts’.  The quick story of how these group of painters got their ‘name’ is that an art critic saw their work, and referred to it as ‘wild beasts’ compared to the older more traditional work. Visit the website linked above for a more in depth explanation about the fauvists. 

The big ideas that they are examining and exploring in this unit are ‘Artists can invent new colors’ & ‘Artists can mix and apply paint inventively when making a representational painting’.  As you can see, they’ve been doing a great job adding white and black to their three hues to make tints and shades.  On day 2 and 3 of painting, they will start to work on creating texture with a variety of brushstrokes.  

I can’t wait until these are finished! 

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