Sketchbook Workshops – Grade 5


Fifth grade has been working away in their sketchbooks this year, learning lots of new techniques.  These include learning how to use 1 line to create a drawing, which is known as contour drawing; understanding value; understanding color and blending colored pencils; and most importantly how to use proportion to draw a human face.

Room 14 just finished the contour drawing workshop this week, and really had a lot of fun practicing their contour drawings.  Some students practiced blind contour drawing, which means they only looked at the object they were drawing, not at their paper.  Others practiced contour drawing, looking both at their drawing and their object. 

Room 16 has been working on learning some color theory, as well as colored pencil blending.  They’ve been working on a color insect activity sheet that has them practice blending tints, shades, complimentary and analogous colors, as well as a value scale.
Check back soon for photos of the final project, which will use all of the techniques they’ve learned.  Room 15 & 16 will be starting those in the next few weeks, while Room 14 has a bit more time to work on their workshops due to Monday holidays.

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