Snow Globes – Room 20 – Grade 3


Since the holidays are over, I can now share this!  This is a new collaboration project this year.  Third grade teacher Mrs. Mosher and I got together and brainstormed a project her students could create as a gift for their families.  What we came up with were DIY photo snow globes.  But instead of just a plain photo, we decided to use the iPads to digitally draw on top of the photo, to create a new winter scene. 

In class, students were introduced to the lovely picture book The Snow Globe Family, which is a really cute story about a family that lives in a snow globe, and what happens to them when the snow globe is shook.  After being inspired by the book, Mrs. Mosher  photographed her students in a particular pose, which would be the base of their digital drawing.
In only one session (I’m amazed at how quickly they learned the app), room 20 students were able to learn how to use the app, and create wonderful digital drawings.  Check them out below! 
And a special thank you to Mrs. Macey and Mrs. Harding for lending us their iPads, so we had a complete class set.  


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