Explain Everything Color Wheel Videos – Grade 3


As an introduction for our painting unit, third graders spent some time learning about color theory.  We first started with a lesson I took from the Art of Ed, which reviewed the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.  I also used this time to talk more about color theory, and explain that they already know a bit about color theory.  The lesson I took from the Art of Ed also divided the students into groups, which provided a nice change of pace for the next part of the lesson, which was a group project.

Using the Explain Everything app on the iPads, students had to create a color wheel, and then explain how to get the two colors their group had.  This process reinforced their color mixing knowledge, but also created these short videos below, that can be shared!  See if you remember how to make all the colors on the color wheel, and watch the videos below to check your work.

All color wheel videos have been uploaded below.  When Rm 10 & Rm 20 finish their Explain Everything videos I will post those here as well, so check back next week to see those.


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