Hour of Code – Room 14 & 16 – Grade 5


This year, I’ve been using technology in the art room more, having been given 6 iPads by the EdTech Department as a result of my Innovative Learning Program Proposal being accepted.  I’ve learned so much already by being part of this program, and have been exposed to so many great people and ideas.  It’s really revitalized my passion for teaching!  I’m excited about all the new avenues I can take my students down.  

One thing that I was exposed to this year, was Computer Science week and ‘Hour of Code’.  Luckily I heard about it far in advance, so I could figure out a way to participate with at least one class.  

This lesson was a treat for two of my 5th grade classes.  We used the beautiful mini lab next door to the art room to do a Scratch lesson.  Watch this video, for a quick explanation of Scratch, and the ‘Hour of Code’ -Interactive Holiday Card- lesson they explored. 

Hour of Code: Creating an Interactive Holiday Card from ScratchEd on Vimeo.

It was super quick, and I’m sure my students have many more questions, but the goal was to introduce them to computer programing, and we did just that!

Be sure to click through to see their Interactive Holiday Cards, because these still photos do not do them justice.  

If your child is interested in Scratch, I suggest you make an account, or allow them to make an account.  If you are unsure about this or have more questions, visit the Parent page on the Scratch website for more information.




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