Stop-Motion Animations – Grade 6


When grade 6 artists started their wire sculptures early this year, the plan was to collaborate with some high school students in the animation class at ABRHS, to make a stop-motion animation. Unfortunately with the low enrollment in the animation class, that wasn’t a possibility, so I came up with the idea for the 6th graders to animate their wire sculptures themselves! ¬†We used the iPad application¬†iMotion HD¬†(which is also available for the iPhone), and I gathered a number of iPads from teachers at Conant, along with my own personal iPad. ¬†A little demo of how to use the application was all it took to get these students inspired. ¬†Unfortunately Room 12 didn’t have enough time in the year to complete the animations. ¬†Below you’ll find a video¬†compilation¬†of the animations from Room 11 and Room 13. ¬†Enjoy!¬†


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