‘Gargoyles’ – Reinterpreted – Grade 5

My Monday 5th grade finally finished their gargoyles!  Before sending them home, safely wrapped in tissue paper, I snapped some photos.  When we started this unit, the class learned a lot about gargoyles and grotesques.  Besides learning the interesting fact that a true gargoyle is a waterspout, they learned that the design of gargoyles has to do with how they are viewed, from way below.  Typically gargoyles have large exaggerated features, so they can be seen from the ground, while perched high above on the corner of the building.  If you want to check out some modern gargoyles, visit the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., or you can check them out online.  
Before 5th graders even started in clay, we talked about the design process: Visualize, plan, prototype, redesign, and implement.  Students in art had to think of an idea, sketch it in their sketchbooks, make a prototype out of modeling clay, note any changes in their sketchbook, and then FINALLY, spend two days working with air dry clay.

These gargoyles are labelled ‘reinterpreted’, because instead of painting them the traditional stone colors, I allowed them some creative freedom.  I think it was the least I could do after all the great work they did designing and creating these works of art.


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