Pouch Weaving – Grade 4

Fourth grades in Mrs. Cole’s class have already finished their pouches, but Mrs. Mosher and Mrs. Bellomy’s classes aren’t far behind.  These photos are from students working in Mrs. Mosher’s class.    Before starting our pouches, 4th grade artists planned out a design or pattern on their pattern worksheet.  We watched this really sweet video I found on Youtube to get inspiration.  Check the bottom of this post for that video.  
After the pattern or design was created, each student learned how to measure and cut their loom, as well as how to warp the loom.  Warp is the yarn or thread that is held in place by the loom.  It’s what you weave into.  The weft is the yarn that you use to make the pattern or design.  It’s the colored yarn in this case.
 This took some time, but is worth it, because now they can create weavings outside of art class.
  These pouches have taken a lot of time, and Room 18 and Room 20 students are doing their best to get them done before the end of the school year.  

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