Wire Sculptures – Grade K

A Birthday Party by Jacki

The last of the ADK wire sculptures should be going home by the end of this week.  A number of students chose to share their sculpture with the school, so they’ve been on display in the glass cases in the front lobby for the last few weeks.  If you didn’t get to check out the display while it was up, here are photos of their pieces, along with their titles.  I think the class had Dr. Suess on the brain, or the wiggly colorful wire just reminded them of Dr. Suess, because many of the students came up with some really great, ‘suess’ like titles.

Colorful Park – Where the Color Never Ends by Dalia
Disney by Annabelle
Dr. Suess’ House by Dominick
Googly Googly Endless Park by Nikki
Googly Googly Endless Park by Suhanna
Party in Dr. Suess Land by Isabelle
Heart Ornament by Allie
Mookity Mookity Mockita Mook by Eli
Party Land by Lena
Rainbow Tunnel by Jonathan
Santa’s Funland
Schoolgy Googly Park by Lindsay
The Cat in the Hat’s House by Advaith
The Chinese Squiggles by Lexi
The Christmas Park by Julienne
The Fun Birdcage by Emily Z.
The Magic Land of Dr. Suess by Swara
The Magical Land Park of Dr. Suess by Diya
The Play Park of Swirly Slides by Divij
The Playground by Emily W.
Toodlie Googlie by Shriya

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