It Took Lots of Hard Work to Get to These Finished Pieces! – Grade 5


Grade 5 artists have been working hard practicing a variety of drawing techniques in their sketchbooks.  Our drawing unit culminated in a colored pencil self-portrait.  Before tackling the self portrait grade 5 artists learned about using line shading to create value, and some color theory and how to blend colors in colored pencils.  The most important thing they learned to create a successful self-portrait was how to use basic facial proportions, to place all the details of the face in the proper place.  

If you get a chance to stop in at Conant, check out the display by the gym.  It’s a Guess Who of 5th grade artists!

Andy Rm. 14
Aadhiti Rm. 14
Annie F. Rm. 14
Arjun Rm. 14

Ben M. Rm. 14
Bonita Rm. 14

Isabel Rm. 14
Ira Rm. 14
Claire Rm. 1
Niraagi Rm. 14
Brooke Rm. 14
Meghan Rm. 14
Simona Rm. 14
Susannah Rm. 14

Victor Rm. 14


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