Grade 4 Coil Pots Have Been Bisque Fired!


Grade 4 students have been waiting patiently for their coil pots to dry completely, and then be fired.  

First though, it took a few classes to learn how to make the coil pots securely and to build them.  Grade 4 artists learned that a coil pot is a type of artwork that is functional.  Our big ideas were Artwork can be functional or non-functional, and Artists can use a variety of hand building techniques to create clay vases.  

Miss Hayes brought the greenware coil pots over to the Parker Damon building before vacation, and the lovely art teacher at Merriam, Anne Kress, fired them for us! 
Thanks Anne!

These bisqueware coil pots will be picked up from the Parker Damon building tomorrow (Thursday 4/25) afternoon, so Grade 4 students can start the fun process of glazing. 

Check out the photos below to get an idea of what the kiln looks like.  When it was fired, it was filled with clay pieces from Conant, Douglas, and Merriam.  You can sure fit a lot of greenware work in the kiln, since the pieces can be stacked on top of one another!  


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