Working 3-Dimensionally


Students in the All Day K class started talking about sculpture this week.  We first talked about the difference between something that is 2-dimensional and something that is 3-dimensional.  It turns out that most of what we interact with in the world is 3-dimensional.  In art class though, our drawings and paintings are 2D (2-dimensional), and the sculptures we make are 3D (3-dimensional). 

All Day K students brainstormed a list of materials that could be used to make sculptures.  They came up with so many materials: Clay, Blocks, Boxes, Sticks, Recycled Materials, Glass, Wood, Cards/Paper, Metal/Steel, and Puzzle Pieces.
Table 2
To help everyone understand exactly what a sculpture is, each table was given a box of building blocks, and asked to make some temporary sculptures (which means we didn’t keep them).  Luckily I was able to snap some photos of a few tables collaborative sculptures.  Check out the cool sculptures below!  They’ve been photographed from all 4 sides, so you can really get an understanding of what they looked like in real life.
Table 4
Table 6
Table 1

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