Radio Silence

As you may have noticed, things have been a bit quiet on the Conant Elementary Art blog….

That doesn’t mean students at Conant haven’t been going to art, though.  We’ve been doing lots of great things in art, and I’ve even been photographing them, I just haven’t been doing the best job of scheduling time to update the blog.  So, I’ve now added time to my schedule each week where I will focus on the blog.  That means you’ll be seeing lots of great artwork real soon.

To catch up with the photos I have photographed from weeks and months past, here are some images of what many of the classes at Conant have been working on in art.  

Grade 6 – Gesture Drawings with real models!  They did a great job observing and simplifying.
Grade 6 – In-process Wire Sculptures – There is a lot of Problem Solving going on in this unit!
Grade 2 – Styrofoam Printmaking using Observation skills
Grade K – Practice Paintings – They learned so much, like the parts of the brush, how to hold it correctly, and how to mix colors!
Grade 4 – Still Life Observation – Collage and Mixed Media. It took a lot of time and hard work to observe and create all the little details in the still life set up in the classroom.
Grade 1 – Temporary Sculptures and Observation Drawings
Thanks for checking out some of the great work that’s been made in art since the last blog update.



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