Lines Make Shapes – Grade K – ADK

Grade K artists have been continuing to work with the Big Idea                                                       Line and shape are the foundation of drawing
Over the last few weeks, we’ve continued to talk about how shapes are made by lines, and that those shapes make the details of our drawings.  
We learned that shapes can be categorized as Geometric and Free Form. Geometric shapes are the ones we can list by name.  Square, Circle, Oval, Rectangle, and Triangle are a few Geometric shapes.  Free Form shapes are the shapes we see or create that don’t have a name.  These are the shapes you may draw when drawing a cloud, or a tree top.
Grade K artists first practiced drawing some Geometric and Free Form shapes on the back of their paper, which they helped me label individually.  They did a great job remembering which shapes were geometric and which shapes were free form.  Then they were given the task to create a drawing of their house, or an invented house using geometric and free form shapes.


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