Gargoyles – Gr 5 (Room 14)

         Earlier in the year grade 5 artists designed and created sculptures inspired by gargoyles.  As a class we looked at photographs of gargoyles from the National Cathedral in Washington D.C..  The photographs inspired the students to expand their idea of what a gargoyle is, since many of them on the National Cathedral are modern interpretations.  

        If you’ve ever looked at a piece of architecture that has gargoyles on it, you may have actually been looking at grotesques AND gargoyles.  A gargoyle is a carved waterspout (think gutter and drain).  If it doesn’t function as a waterspout, it should properly be referred to as a grotesque.  This is obviously hard to tell when they are up high on the building, and it’s not raining, but often times if you look carefully enough, you can see the metal spout where the water drains out of the gargoyle.


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