Animal Sculptures – Gr 2 (Room 6)

Summer Days
Spring Time Fun!
Puppy Playdate

Grade 2 artists have all just finished up their animal sculptures.  Not only did the second graders practice their clay hand-building techniques while making these sculptures, but they also learned a bit about another cultures art.

Oaxacan wood carvings, from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, inspired the paint application.  They used bright color, and created patterns and designs on their animals.  The goal was not a realistic animal, but instead, a stylized one.  

After their pieces were finished, students created a background for display.  While working on the background second grade artists practiced blending the colored pencils, to create new colors.  Some of these amazing sculptures have already made their way home, but check out the display cabinet in the front lobby before the end of the school year to get a real life peek of these sweet sculptures

Spring is Here
A Turtle in Water
A Sunny Day




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