Coil Pots – Gr 4


All of the fourth graders coil pots were fired this past Thursday, so this week we’ll be taking a break from weaving to get these glazed and fired again.

Conant does not currently have an area set up to house a kiln, so in all the other grades we work with air dry clay.  I realize the importance of students using real kiln fired clay, so I’ve begun to bring the fourth graders coil pots to the Parker Damon building to firer them there.  It’s a lot of work transporting them safely, but certainly worth it.

In the photograph above, you can see what the kiln looks like, all closed up and ready to go. In the photograph to the left you see the coil pots just before the kiln was closed and turned on.  Below the pots you see are two more levels of coil pots.  If you compare this photo, to the one at the top of this post, you can see the difference in color once the clay has been fired.  

In a couple of weeks, when we’ve finished glazing our work, I’ll share some photos of the glazed pieces.  They have spent so much time, and put so much effort into these pieces!


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